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Experimentation is the real source of creativity.

To enter my universe, it is important to understand what freedom means. I experiment and capture the world with painting, words, photographies, Earth, people, smells, ocean, ...

My creations therefore follow each other and not always look alike.

But each one looks like me.

Severine C. Camus




After a childhood spent embracing art in many forms (painting, drawing, writing, music, theater), Severine C. Camus followed a classical graduate course in international trade and vine and wine law. She spent nearly twenty years in the world of wine, including in human resources, then evolued as a therapist and coach. In 2021, she became an artist and author.

Self-taught, she is not formatted by any art school and evolves with great freedom from one world to another. Her artistic experience is characterized by a desire to express the natural multidimentional creativity of Human, through different atmospheres.

At the heart of her work is a fascination for letters, symbols, space-time, the place of Human in a great whole. Each medium (canvas, paper, photography, books, texts, ...) becomes a living revelation for her ideas traveling in eclecticism, in maximalism or minimalism.

Severine obeys her inspiration from the world, her perceptions of the visible and the invisible, in a constant quest. She things that Human is by essence multiple and that art is one of his representation. She experiments, searches, tries without worrying about the boxes. She assumes the imperfection she seeks.

Maintaining a strong link with places of life since childhood, Severine Camus naturally dedicates her creations to spaces and Humans. According to her, art should not be used to show one's wealth but to reveal one's inner richness. With a shamanic spirit, she connects to the places and people and transmits a specific vibration to each of her works. She seeks to balance the elements and vibrations in a room, by creating her works.

Her philosophy goes beyond art: it’s about life and Human's harmony in the World.

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